Call for papers Expulsions and Removals from Urban Communities

Call for papers

Major Session M03 at the 13th International Conference on Urban History

Helsinki, August 24-27, 2016


The phenomenon of forced removal from urban communities has a long history in many forms, from banishment in the sense of a ritual, judicial exclusion from medieval and early modern cities (Zaremska 1996; Jacob 2000; Coy 2008), over administrative removals in the context of poor relief administration (King & Winter 2013), to individual or collective expulsions as part of migration policies (Fahrmeir et al. 2003; De Munck & Winter 2012; Hahn 2012). While the context and implications may differ greatly, these various types of forced exclusion have in common that their motivations and practices inform us in an inverse manner on norms on inclusion/exclusion in different social spheres, from deviance and crime over poor relief to migration, religion and ethnicity (Gestrich & Raphael 2009). So far, however, research on these diverse forms of urban removal has mostly taken place in different spheres, disciplines and period-specializations, so that there is little to no insight in the overall connections, contrasts, similarities and changes through time and space.

This session aims to bring together research on banishments, removals and expulsions for different cities in distinct time settings in order to work towards a truly long-term comparative framework to analyse similarities and differences in urban exclusionary norms and practices, in which for instance the influence of for instance city type (e.g. border, port, industrial, capital city), city size or political regime can be evaluated. It therefore invites papers dealing with one or more types of forced removal from one or more cities in one or more time period, and explicitly encourages researchers to engage with a number of basic empirical questions on who, how many, how and why in order to facilitate the development of comparative insights. We particularly welcome papers with a comparative or longitudinal perspective.


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Session organisers

Hilde Greefs, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Anne Winter, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Submission procedure and deadline

Please submit your paper proposal before October 31st 2015 via