CfP: Food and Faith in the Early Modern World, c. 1400 – c. 1700

Deadline: vrijdag 21 september 2018

Op vrijdag 23 november 2018 vindt in Christ College, University of Cambridge, een ééndaags congres plaats over de relatie tussen voedsel en religie in de vroegmoderne tijd.

‘As the field of Food History has come into fruition in the last two decades, historians are increasingly following anthropologists in recognising that food and eating play a significant role in religious identity formation. Since through eating food literally becomes us, food is intricately connected to how we understand the body, the material world, and the functioning of the spiritual realm within this system.


This one day conference accordingly aims to explore the multifaceted connections between food and religion in the early modern world, c. 1400 – c. 1700. It takes a broad geographical view, to encourage discussion of a range of religions, in accordance with a recent historical drive to recognise the global significance of historical events.’

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