CfP – Imagineering violence: A conference on the spectacle of violence in the early modern period (Amsterdam, 21-22 maart)

Deadline: 1 augustus 2018, zie de volledige CfP Geweld werd overal verbeeld en vertoont in vroegmodern Europa. Gevechten, veldslagen en martelscenes zaten in theaterstukken, festiviteiten en prenten. In een tweedaags congres georganiseerd door de Vlaams-Nederlandse onderzoeksgroep ITEMP (Imagineering Violence: Techniques of Early Modern Performativity in the Northern and Southern Netherlands 1630-1690) analyseren onderzoekers uit verschillende disciplines […]

CfP – Towards a New Political History of the Court, c. 1200-1800: Delineating Practices of Power in Gender, Culture, and Sociability

Deadline: 13 mei 2018. Voor de volledige CfP, zie H-Net Towards a New Political History of the Court, c. 1200-1800: Delineating Practices of Power in Gender, Culture, and Sociability Parijs, 14-16 november 2018 Dynastic centres, or courts, played a pivotal role in the state building processes out of which developed our modern political practices and […]

CfP: The International Synod of Dort (1618-1619)

The International Synod of Dort (1618-1619): Contents, Contexts, and Effects, 17th – 21th Centuries International Conference, Dordrecht, 14-16 November 2018 Deadline: 15 maart 2018, zie de volledige CfP The Synod of Dordrecht was held in 1618 and 1619 on the authority of the States-General of the Dutch Republic to resolve a conflict within the Reformed […]

CfP – Workshop over ‘material cultures of urban knowledge communities, 1500-1800’

Deadline: 23 maart 2018 Workshop on the material cultures of urban knowledge communities, 1500-1800 Histories of early modern science and technology have been transformed in recent decades by an engagement with artefacts, materials, and diverse practitioners and sites of knowledge production. This workshop seeks to explore the connections between scientific knowledge – broadly understood as […]

CfP: “Space, Place, and Interface: Being in the Early Modern World”

Deadline: 16 maart 2018 23-24 mei 2018, Streatham Campus, Exeter The Centre for Early Modern Studies at the University of Exeter is pleased to announce our third annual postgraduate conference. This two-day conference will explore all aspects of spaces, places and the interfaces between them as they were experienced and represented between 1500 and 1800. […]

CfP: ‘Cities of Strangeness, 1350-1700: strangers / estrangement / becoming-strange’

Deadline: vrijdag 19 januari 2018 The Northern Premodern Seminar, Friday 11th May, University of Manchester The period spanning the years 1350-1700 saw a massive expansion in urban populations, transforming social formations. Changes and developments in medieval and early modern cities were intricately tied up with trade, migration, politics, economics, shifting possibilities for social mobility, and the […]

CfP: ‘The Economic History of the Book in the Early Modern Period’, Antwerpen, 4-6 oktober 2018

Deadline: 31 Januari 2018 Tijdens dit driedaags congres in oktober worden de economische aspecten van het vroegmoderne boek verkent. “Aspects of production, distribution, and consumption have been the subject of thorough study, but analyses of the economics of the book trade remain rare, or less than comprehensive. The special status of the book, its importance for […]

CfP: European History across Boundaries (Mainz, 24-26 januari 2018)

Het Leibniz Institute of European History (Mainz, Duitsland) nodigt promovendi uit om deel te nemen aan de workshop European History Across Boundaries from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century. Het symposium vindt plaats van 24 tot 26 januari 2018 in Mainz, Duitsland en wordt mede-georganiseerd door Lyndal Roper. Deelnemers kunnen hun promotieonderzoek presenteren en het transculturele en transnationale […]